Day #184, New Year’s Resolution

Portobello Mushroom Bake.JPG


January 15+1, 2017

Another week started.

I feel better and better to go to work.

The job itself is becoming easier day by day, the night cycle is becoming normal for my body, I can manage my life without any stress now, upto the point that I could even feel bored.

This morning I set my New Year’s Resolution for this year – Cook every recipe on Jamie Oliver’s recipe application. I have already done many of them from the app, and I’d love to try every one of them. I’ve got cookbooks too, I would do them too when I feel like it.

So I cooked something with Portobello Mushroom this morning. It’s delicious. Tastes very Italian. Yeah, Jamie is very much into Italian food, and I am too.

I will travel to Italy just for food one day. Can’t wait.


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