Day #186, Starbucks

January 17+1, 2017

It’s very uncomfortable where I am sitting now. Still, it’s much better than a cold plastic chair in a waiting room.

I am sitting on a couch at a Starbucks next to the Eye Hospital, waiting for my appointment. I didn’t wanna go home and get out again, so I decided to take a bus to hospital as soon as I finish work and wait in the Starbucks that I spotted last time. 

I had breakfast and coffee, well, I have never been satisfied with anything in Starbucks in my life, in Korea, in France, in Geneva, in India, in NYC and in Manchester. Coffee itself is not great and the food is very average. The reason why I keep coming to Starbucks was the convenience, comfort and service. I guess their marketers must get paid a lot. They are amazing in marketing, anybody can tell, even someone who doesn’t know anything about marketing just like me.

Having sofas in every branch is one of the great marketing I guess.

I just wished that the potatoes in my breakfast was a bit more cooked. 


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