Day #187, Homeless

January 18+1, 2017

From 10:40pm to 10:50pm on week nights, I pass Deansgate to go to work.

From 7:10am to 7:20am on week days, I pass the same street to come back home.

I have been doing the same for over 4 months now.

Whenever I walk this street, I pass many homeless people.

I see more in the morning than at night.

They are sitting in front of a wall of a builing, separately, begging for coins. No two of them sit together. They are usually asleep when I pass in the morning. Rain or not, freezing cold or mild, they are always there.

I feel akward whenever I see them. Somewhere in my mind  feel sorry for them, somewhere I feel too much privileged, somewhere I feel embarrased not to give them anything, somewhere I wonder why there are so many in Manchester whereas I didn’t see them much in London.

There are lots and lots in Korea too. Most of them are out on the street because they had credit to do something, went bankrupt and lost their home to the creditor.

I guess things are different here in England, there is some kind of government aid to those people, no? UK social security system is much better than Korea, then why so many homeless people?

Well, having to make money to pay for rent and buy food to survive may not be the best life style for everyone. Again, back to the thought of prehistoric time.


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