Day #188, Passion and Job

January 19+1, 2017

Friday morning, aka weekend. đŸ™‚

I just finished the big cleaning up.

I went down to throw away recycling waste, changed bed sheet, thoroughly cleaned my bedroom, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the whole flat and the bed sheet in the washing machine is just done.

I don’t know many people who love cleaning but I really love it. Of course if I were a professional cleaner and had to clean a castle I wouldn’t love the job so much, but I love to clean my own small falt to see the shining result. I think I love doing it only when the place is just for myself. I wouldn’t like it if I have to do it for someone else or if it’s my duty to share house work.

Same goes for cooking actually. I love cooking and trying new recipes, but I never thought of becoming a professional chef and open a restaurant. I love cooking for family and friends when I feel like it, but if it becomes some kind of duty I will hate it. I wouldn’t be happy cooking when I have to cook the same stuff for money. I am afraid I will lose my passion if it becomes a job. That’s why I always said no whenever my friends suggested opening a restaurant when they saw my cooking on my SNS.

I don’t know how I could call it. Selfishness? Lack of courage? Laziness?

Many people say that it’s blessing if you can make money to feed yourself out of what you like, but I am not sure if I would agree.


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