Day #189, Body Coach

January 20+1, 2017

I went to sleep at around 6pm last night and woke up at midnight from a dream that I don’t remember. It wasn’t enough so I tried to sleep more, and my eyes opened at 6 am again. Maybe I wan’t very tired. I felt very tired the last two nights at work, but my body was telling me the contrary.

My stomach was growling so I got up to have breakfast.

I love breakfast the most among all meals and snacks of the day. Well prepared hot savoury breakfast with super healthy sourdough or ready-in-5 minutes sweet breakfast with store bought bread and jams, doesn’t really matter as long as I can take time to enjoy the moment with my favourite music. The moment recharges my stomach as well as my soul. I am slowly getting to understand the need of ‘lone moment’ that my ex desperately wanted to have at least once a day.

I had 4 thick slices of brioche bread that I had in the freezer. I love the taste of brioche. It’s not very healthy as it contains lots of butter, but I guess it’s ok to have it sometimes when you crave for it. I think you crave for it because your body needs it.

I have recently got to know Joe Wicks The Body Coach because of one of my colleagues who is very much into fitness, and the more I watch his videos and read interviews, the more I like him. He has same idea as me on health matter. His cooking is not low carb diet. He makes burgers and fish and chips. The recent idea of ‘clean eating’ is non-sense, he says. He eats fatty food but it shouldn’t mean he eats dirty. I agree with him. We can’t only eat greens and vegs. I don’t judge vegetarians and vegans – it’s their choice. But as much as being vegan is a choice, eating meat is a choice too, and no one should judge it as ‘dirty eating’.

I think, if you wanna stay healthy, the first thing is to listen to your body. Eat what your body tells you. Exercise if the body tells you so. Listen to the body won’t be easy if you are not used to it. If you have been eating whatever your tongue has been telling you, it might be very difficult to know what your body is really telling you. If that’s the case, I guess you need to follow some kind of strict diet created by a proessional dietitian for a while until your body becomes healthy, and then you can start listening to your body.

I eat buttery cookies, chocolaty stuff, fatty charcutrie and lots of pork belly. But not every single day. I cook and eat healthy stuff every day and not eat dessert on a regular basis, but I eat those sweet stuff when I feel like it.

Our body is complicated but so simple at the same time.

As long as we keep the level of input and output, the body is happy.


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