Day #190, Lovely Gays

January 21+1, 2017

I went to Simon’s birthday party last night.

I wouldn’t like to go out and party every night, but it feels good sometimes.

I met some lovely people through Simon. But why are these lovely peeps always gays? They are so so so lovely cute young gay guys that I wanna kiss. I don’t know if I feel good with them because they are a bit like girls so I feel close to them, or because there can’t be any uncomfortable intention as man and woman thing, but whatever the reason, I love gay guys.

I came home at around 3am, had a shower and went straight to bed.

I woke up sometime early in the morning for some reason, fell back asleep and woke up again before noon. Hell I didn’t get much sleep this weekend.

I got up and had breakfast of the leftover from yesterday.

Then, made fried rice for my lunch box.

Had coffee and chocolate spread on crackers.

I feel sleepy again, maybe I should try to sleep more before going back to work tonight.



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