Day #195, Crush

January 26+1, 2017


This week has been so long.

I am super tired, I have been awake for 21 hours since last night, plus I had some kind of throat prob.

I will surely be able to sleep for more than 20 hours until tomorrow night, but I need to be up early to have a video talk with my family in Korea. They will be together at my parents’ home because it’s the lunar New Year’s Day, and it’s like Christmas at Western countries. I don’t feel that sad not being there with my family for this occasion, still, I miss them as I always do.

I went to see another house this morning at Stockport. I imediately had a crush on this house. The house is old, but it’s got a charm, a warmth that my current cold modern flat will never have.

I applied for it, now just have to wait for the reply from the landlord.

I’ve got another viewing next week at Whitefield, but I hope I get this one from today.

I am already thinking about how to decorate this house.


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