Day #202, Big Breakfast

February 2+1, 2017

I brought veg Spring Rolls to work and that was a big hit.

I had a few pieces too throughout the night, so I really felt like some vinegary-sour-spicy stuff when I got home this morning.

I made a bowl of cold noodle with spicy sauce, something really healthy and light.

And then when I finished the healthy noodle I felt like something greasy and meaty again, so I had the leftover of meaty Spring Rolls.

And after that I had deliciously brewed coffee, and felt like something fatty and sweet this time, some kind of buttery and sweet dessert, but I didn’t have anything like that at home so just skipped it.

Putting all these on the table, it sounds like I had 3 course meal and aperitif before that, for breakfast – Veg Spring Roll Apéro, Cold Noodle Entrée, Baked Meat Dumpling Plat Principal and Café. Thank God I skipped dessert. And I am still not bursting. Crazy.



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