Day #205, La La Land

February 5+1, 2017

Well, well, well…

The La La Land was not as good as I expected.

Maybe I had too high expectation due to such a success of the movie.

I am not a movie critic so I won’t talk about how well it was made nor how well the actors played the roles.

It was fun to watch the musical side of it from the very beginning, but the ending was not good to my taste. It was too pushing about “following your dream”, “don’t give up your dream” thing. Not every dream comes true and yet the movie give us the fanstasy of it, and it sounds like it’s saying that following your dream is more important than following your heart to the love of your life.

Well, both love and dream can be just fantasy in the real life for many people, but if I had a choice between the two? What would I follow? Maybe the big L, if I were sure he was the love of my life.

I felt very down for hours after the movie.


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