Day #208, Lovesick

February 8+1, 2017


It’s so funny.

The other day when I talked about being dreamy and that I wanted to fall in love, I left a message “I am lovesick” on my facebook page.

In this expression, I implied a lot of things, mainly that I wanted to share love with someone and that I miss my Mr Right who would be somewhere. I am actually lovesick for my possible Mr Right.

And, it looks like, to many of my Kroean friends who easily jump to conclusions, “being lovesick” equals “I’ve got a man in my life now”. They asked me straightaway “who’s that guy??” Even my soon-to-be ex mother-in-law thought that I had a new man and she left a comment like “super!”.

Since when lovesick means a man in my life??

I didn’t even see the point of leaving replies to those comments.

Well, people think how they want to think. People assume a lot of things which are not true. Expecially on the internet world, all those SNSs.

I am gonna let them assume however they want, and watch them develop their idea. It will be so funny to watch it how far it goes.


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