Day #210, Excited And Worried

February 10+1, 2017

It could have been another 36 hours sleeping weekend, but fortunately I was invited for dinner at friends, so I had to get up.

Manchester have been grey for a few days, it was even close to drizzling on the way to Picadilly Station to meet my friends in the late afternoon.

Simon and James lives in Ashburys, one stop away on a train from Picadilly Station.

Their home feels really cosy, a lot of small objects and photo frames that show English style, which I will never be able to come up with myself.

I love to style my home with antique (looking) stuff and country style, but it’s not coming out naturally. What I am good at is white, clean, modern, chic and industrial style. It works perfectly for my current flat as this is a newly built modern flat. But my future home is an old house, I am going to decorate it in roustic style although I have never tried it. And that’s why I am so excited about this new home.

My mother-in-law has this style in her nature and she is really good at it, and I like her home a lot. I am checking lots of different home style apps and magazines, but still I don’t think I have good enough taste and eyes for natural style yet.

OK, let’s see what I will come up with.

The decoration will be done in early April I hope, and I will have my birthday and housewarming party.


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