Day #213, Lock the Stable Door After the Horse is Stolen

February 13+1, 2017

I have been checking and booking flights and hotels for my family holiday in October.

My holiday request at work is still pending, but flight tickets for my family except me are all booked from Seoul to Kota Kinabalu.

Now I need to check hotels.

Good thing is that not everyone in the family has strong opinion on what they want, they don’t even have anything they can’t not give up when choosing holiday.

I guess it’s Korean style. They don’t think enough before they really get there, and complain about what they didn’t like from that trip even if that was their own fault like lack of preparation. Many of things are like that in Korea – from politicians to small school kids. They don’t teach their kids to prepare, not to lock the stable door after the horse is stolen, because they didn’t learn from anyone in the society.

So, I don’t have much problem choosing hotels now, but I don’t know what they will say after returning home from that holiday.

Well, I don’t wanna worry about it. It’ far yet anyway.


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