Day #216, Productive

February 16+1, 2017

Finally Friday.

I moved my butt to do some job done this morning.

After making French Toast and enjoying it, I went out to the bank to activate my credit card, report the address change and do other stuff, and went to O2 shop to report the address change too.

For the address, that’s all for now, so I went into Arndale to get some shopping mall air.

It’s been such a long time since I bought clothes, even just did window shopping, so I decided to check out a few stuff even though I might end up not buying anything. I stopped at several fashion shops and bought a knitwear top. Then I went to a bookshop, got 6 thriller books for less than £14! What a bargain! Then I followed the delicious smell towards the Anrdale food market. Yes! I finally got a takeout from the famous Viet Shack! Wow. They deserve the popularity. I got Surf n’ Turf Noodles, and it was super good. The only thing is, I ordered extra spicy, but it wasn’t that spicy. I guess they are kind of anglicised, so they don’t really dare put lots of super spicy chilli. But it was still really delicious.

Very productive morning, that was.


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