Day #223, Colleagues

February 23+1, 2017

Finally weekend.

But actually, I haven’t waited the weekend so much.

The more I get integrated at work and get along well with my colleagues, the more I love going to work.

I get excited when I get ready for work every night, and when the weekend comes, I don’t really get excited, I only feel relaxed because I can catch up on sleeping.

I know it sounds weird, saying that I love going to work and not being excited for weekends.

Yeah, I guess it’s all down to my colleagues.

I really like my colleagues. They are veeeeeeeerrrry nice. I have never worked with such nice, relaxed and easygoing colleagues throughout my entire work life.

There is no tension at work.

Everyone is in a good mood.

They are all ready to solve any problems and ready to help out others.

What an amazing atmosphere is that?

I am so lucky to have found this company and got hired.

And that’s why I always feel like bringing something to share with everyone.

I want to work in other departments and learn new things, but I don’t want to leave my current colleagues.


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