Day #224, Bulgogi



February 24+1, 2017

I fell asleep at around 6pm last night, and woke up sometime after midnight.

Funny I wake up in 6 hours without an alarm clock when I don’t have to!

I then talk to my best friend in Korea via Kakaotalk for a while, gave her an easy and simple recipe for her lunch and fell back asleep. I woke up again after noon.

I had some brioche with Nutella and coffee, with Pentatonix back on my speaker. Their voice is really addictive.

I have marinated Bulgogi yesterday, now I need to decide what to cook with it.

I can have it as traditional Bulgogi dish with rice.

Or, make it some kind of stewy dish with added sugar, mushrooms and sweet potato noodles, which is called “Ttukbaegi Bulgogi”, but it’s best to have in real Ttukbaegi (hot pot) which I don’t have.

Or, make Bulgogi Philly Cheesesteak – it sounds best for now. I don’t have Hoagie roll to make the proper Philly Cheese, but I can make Open Sandwich with toast slices.

The weather is miserable again today, not much natural light coming through my window, lucky I’ve got a good professional camera to take photos of my food.


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