Day #227, Japanese Pancake Day



February 27+1, 2017

It’s Pancake Day today.

I had a few options on which pancake I would make for breakfast.

Traditional Western pancakes, Japanese pancake – Okonomiyaki, Korean pancake – Buchimgae, French crepe…

I decided to make the Japanese one, because I didn’t wanna have too much fat from butter, and I didn’t have all the ingredients to make Korean one.

Whenever I heard about “Something Day” of food, I was wondering where it came from and who made it, so I did some research on Pancake Day, and actually it came from the Christianism. It’s Shrove Tuesday today, the day before Ash Wednesday. We eat pancakes which contain rich ingredients like eggs and milk, before starting the fast during Lent. I wonder how many people know the history of this Pancake Day. 😉

Anyway, I had this Okonomiyaki with Yiruma on the speaker, and it was snow stormy out there when I sat down to eat, and all of a sudden I really felt like I was in Japan.

Japan is mysterious place. I don’t know exactly why I love to go back there again and again, but I do, and many of my friends do too.

Damn, it’s so far away now that I am in UK!


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