Day #228, CHICKEN? YES!



February 28+1, 2017


Chicken is always right.

I have some chicken in the oven at the moment, and the smell in the whole flat is soooooooooooooooooooo amazing.

This smell when you cook chicken is something you never get from anything else.

It’s really something.

In Seoul, there are “Chimaek” places at every corner, even a few different joints in one building. Chimaek is Chicken + Maekjoo (beer in Korean), and it’s usually fried chicken and draft lager beer joint.

They have dozens of different flavoured chicken menu, but most of them are basically deep-fried and coated or seasoned with different sauces or spices.

And the pair of these greasy but crispy chicken and cold beer is totally amazing.

I don’t know the statistics but I heard average Korean has this chicken at least twice a week. Delicious, reasonable price, easy to get (just one phone call away), so satisfying, everyone loves it, the list goes on.

Who can say no to this?


Chicken was cooked, I boned them and coated the pieces with sweet and spicy chiili sauce. Ohhhhhhhhh… Real Korean flavour!!

Goodnees. I can’t wait to have them at work tonight!



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