Day #229, Addiction

March 1+1, 2017

Yeah I know, when I am into something, I dig in until I get sick of it.

It has been like that with Pentatonix (and I am still into them after my first encounter with them last November).

And the cooking and food photography and Foodstagram, I have been so much into it since I first opened my Insta account last July. The more I do, the more followers I have and the more fantastic chefs and cooks I follow.

This is really addictive.

I don’t know which is the most addictive, cooking itself, or food photography, or sharing on SNS, or feeding people around with my cooking, maybe all of them?

I don’t even remember what triggered this cooking habbit or hobby in me.

I was not very health-conscious as I was never seriously sick that I had to be on a certain diet, I was not much into cooking until I had to cook to save money. I guess it came together. I started cooking by necessity, and because my traditional diet from Korea was very healthy, my cooking remained healthy, and learned about unhealthy food little by little as I got into a few Australian chefs when Australia started talking about healthy food a lot.

It has been 12 years since I got into cooking, and 7 years since I got seriously into it.

When I think of it, maybe cooking is my fate. I wouldn’t work in a restaurant, but I guess I will cook until I can’t lift a spatula.

The reason why I am writing about cooking today?

Because, Sticky Double Chocolate Brownie is in the oven at the moment.


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