Day #230, Buttery Hit



March 2+1, 2017

Wow, Brownie was lush!

I brought this to work last night, and that was a great hit, even more than the Apple Cinnamon Slice that I brought about 2 weeks ago.

It seems that the more butter, the better for English people, men or wemen, doesn’t matter, they are all crazy with buttery stuff.

All those compliments and thanks messages are the best part of cooking actually. I am sure all the professional chefs have the same feeling when people give thumbs-ups on their food.

No matter how good my cooking is, if I eat alone and there is noone else who can enjoy it, it doesn’t taste as good.

I guess that’s why I bring food to work very often.

It was huge, and it was nearly finished at the end of my shift. Great feeling.

One of the managers took a few pieces for his daughter.


Now I have a week off.

I need to pack for moving, and move in a few days.

I am very tired and feeling lazy, maybe I should sleep first and pack when I get up from the rest. I just hope I wouldn’t sleep through the whole day and night like all other previous weekends.

I need to move my arse.


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