Day #238, Neighbourhood

March 10+1, 2017

I had a delivery of two double beds this morning. The delivery guy was the driver himself alone, I windered how he was going to bring the stuff upstairs to my bedroom.

He put everything on the ground floor, and was saying good bye to me. I asked him if he wasn’t going to take them upstairs, and he said no because he wasn’t insured for that! WTF. I didn’t know what to say, stood there at the door dumbfounded, and he was gone. Fortunately one family of my neighbours were out to get in their car, an old man Tony, his son Carl and Tony’s wife Janette. Tony looks like twice my age, not a strong young man, but Tony and Carl put everything upto my bedroom. I didn’t know what to say. I was so so so grateful that I had to make something for them, so I asked Tony if he liked chocolate so that I could make some brownies, and he said he was diabetic. Oh no…

OK then, I could make something not sweet. I could make a savoury meal but that could be too much. So I made savoury scones without sugar in it.

And I went out to IKEA to get curtains, and while I was out, there were two more deliveries… I thought I wouldn’t have any more deliveries until Monday according to their estimated delivery dates, but obviously their estimation is not correct. I received emails from Amazon that one of my neighbours received my parcels. I bought some biscuits at IKEA to give it to my neighbour. 

I came home, knocked at the door of the neighbour (that I didn’t get name of), and he brought the parcels to his door. Such a nice guy.

Oh what a neighbourhood!

I love this kind of neighbourhood with houses lined up for this kind of integration, something that you never get in a huge flat building. There may be less privacy, but I prefer this kind of open neighbourhood than closed. 

Now I’ve got a bed to install for tonight’s good sleep.

Let’s get on with it!


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