Day #243, Mysophobia

March 15+1, 2017

As much as I enjoy being at work surrounded by my favourite colleagues, I am so happy to have only one more night to go till the weekend. 
That’s because I really want to finish setting up my new place to my liveable standard.

I have the bathroom, kitchen and my bedroom perfectly clean and functional, but I still need to clean two floors thoroughly, with the carpet cleaner that I bought through Amazon, so that I can be barefoot all over the house. The wooden floors of the living room and the dining room has to be cleaned with a mop, and from the cleaning of the bathroom floor last week, I am expecting 5 times of mopping until I don’t get any gray trace on the wet mop. I can’t wait to be barefoot at home.

It’s not because it’s uncomfortable to wear shoes at home. Because I think it’s dirty. The shoes I wear out there must get enormous amout of bacteria from the streets, and I do not want those bacteria in my home. It’s from my home culture where no-shoes-indoor is just normal and natural. Plus I guess I have certain level of mysophobia.

One of the reasons why I chose this house is because it has a little porch where I can leave shoes. The previous flat didn’t have any room to separate the ‘dirty outdoor’ and ‘clean indoor’.


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