Day #244, The Best Café in Town, So Far

March 16+1, 2017

Finally Friday.

I stopped at Pot Kettle Black café after work, the supposedly great famous café with serious baristas.

Wow. I don’t know why I waited so long to come here. 

This place is talked about a lot, but because it’s tucked inside an Arcade, I didn’t really notice the sign, but actually, being tucked away doesn’t appear as a minus point at all.

Super high ceiling, industrial design, washed looking wooden tables, communal table with high stools, dark wooden floor. All looking perfect for a café-crazy Mancunian.

Most importantly, they are serious with their coffee. I tried their house blend filtered coffee which was perfect to my taste, and tried another blend from Colombia which was a bit more acidic but still very soft and aromatic. And food. I had the breakfast muffin with chorizo, egg, cheese and (homemade looking) spicy tomato relish. Yes, I am stealing their recipe for one weekend morning for sure.

Service is quick and efficient and caring, people kept coming in as soon as it opened at 8am.

The sound of espresso machine and coffee grinder, people’s conversations are well mixed with not too loud music.

Overall, PERFECT.

It was a great pity that I couldn’t stay longer than 2 hours due to an appointment with a handyman at home.


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