Day #245, Small Talks are Not Small

March 17+1, 2017

I am so very happy that I am in UK.

I am grateful to whatever that pushed me to learn English when I was young.

I started learning English language in middle school, from the alphabet ABCD. And from the first English  class, I was fascinated by this language which represented another culture, and English class became my favourite straightaway.

I didn’t have many methods to learn English more other than school, but when I started high school, I could do some group activity in English at church. This helped me improve speaking skill.

I wanted to use English more and more in my life, and wanted to speak English like native speakers, so I moved to Australia to study and live for a while. 

I think I achieved my goal to speak English like natives in Australia. I started talking to myself in English, I started dreaming in English, I started not translating what I wanted to say from Korean to English. English became my first language in a way, although there are still many words in English that I have never heard of.

The reason why I talk about this is because of Andy handyman.

Andy came to fix my shower yesterday, and we talked a lot while he was working on the shower. The conversation was about where I am from, why I am here, London vs Manchester, his job and my job etc, and the conversation went on so smooth and easy. If my English level was like at the beginning of my life in Australia 12 years ago, it wouldn’t have been like that. 

I love this kind of small talks. I may not see him any more, but these talks gave me a little story of somebody’s life. I am sure many writers get inspired by these small talks with strangers and casual acquaintances. 

We don’t have this in Korean culture. People don’t talk to strangers. People don’t mix with strangers. Small talk is one of the many positive aspects in English speaking  culture, to me at least, and I am very proud of myself being capable of enjoying it.


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