Day #252, 253, Work, Sleep and Housework

March 24+2, 2017

On Friday, I had to stay up to wait for Virgin Media guys to install wifi at home.

My eye lids were sooooo heavy, but I couldn’t go up to my bedroom, because I wouldn’t hear anything once I fall asleep. So I put my little bean bag sofa in the living room where everyone can see me from outside, sat there and dosed off.

At around 3pm, someone knocked the window, he was there for cables only. He said someone else would come in an hour to install wifi. The other guy came at 6pm. When everything was finished it was 7pm.

I finally had a shower and got into bed before 8pm. Then I was dead. For the next 40 hours.

When I woke up at noon on Sunday, the day was beautiful. I made myself strawberry and banana smoothie with oat milk, and I could feel that my body was sucking every single nutrient from the smoothie.

I heard Saturday was amazing too, but I guess I needed sleep more than sun.


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