Day #251, #252, Home, Home, Home…

April 2+2, 2017

I finished installing IKEA furnitures and nearly finished setting up downstairs.

Connected my laptop and projector to the wifi, checked if the projector worked fine, connected speaker to the power and bluetooth etc.

I spent the whole day of my birthday to do this job, and I rested the whole day the following day before going back to work.

Now, I need one last visit to IKEA to get a few necessary stuff, to Wilko for daily stuff, to flower shop for plants, to a cafe to buy coffee beans. And I am planning to do all that within this week. Does it sound crazy? I am sick of living in an unfinished home. I am sick of dragging this. I can’t wait to be in a perfectly decorated home to my liking.

And plus, I have a family of a friend of mine from Romania visiting me during the Easter weekend, so the home needs to be perfectly ready for guests.

I can do it. It’s only one last week to push myself.


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