Day #253, Babies and Pets

April 4+1, 2017

I am sitting on a couch in a Starbucks on the way to Market Street where I need to go when shops open at 8am. 

Sipping coffee and browsing internet, I spotted a shaking dog at my side glance, waiting for coffee with his/her master.

The one thing I don’t understand in many developed countries is this – allowing pets in public space.

Most countries have already banned smoking in public area, why don’t we ban pets too?

I am not alergic to dogs or cats, but there are some people who are alergic to their hair, and if someone sitting on a sofa right next to the pet who just came in with its master is seriously alergic, I don’t even wanna think what’s going to happen next.

Alergy is not something that you can cure. If that’s food alergy, we can avoid eating them. But if it’s animal hair alergy, we wouldn’t visit a friend’s home if he/she has any pet. But we can’t stop going to a cafe or other public places just because someone might bring along their beloved pet to this public area. 

I know it’s a question of whether or not treating your pet as your friend or a possesion, and they are alive, but the fact that they are alive being who are your friends doesn’t mean that it’s ok to put other human’s safety in danger. Just like when someone smokes in front of a non-smoker, this non-smoker may be affected by someone else’s smoking, and that’s not fair.

Also when a dog barks a lot and becomes aggressive, they wouldn’t listen to its master, and this would affect everyone’s peaceful time in a cafe.

I decided not to have children a long time ago, because I didn’t think I would be able to handle a being who is not able to communicate. When a baby cries for something, I wouldn’t know what they want, and it will frustrate me heaps and my frustration will affect the baby’s mental development for sure. And when they start talking and they could have some kind of conversation with me, they are still very uncivilised and I should be the one to educate them to become civilised with certain manner, and I don’t know if I am patient enough to educate them in a proper way without affecting their mental status until their civilised adult age.

Same goes with animals. They are worse than babies. Because I will never be able to have a conversation with them and understand them. 

People call me ‘cold’ when I talk about my decision and why, but I want to ask them if they are sure that they are good enough to be responsible for one precious life. Have they even thought about it deeply? Don’t they have babies and pets without much consideration, and create negative impact on those newly born beings who are worth more than their bad treatment? Isn’t it selfish to have babies and pets because they need them in their life?


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