Day #274, 275, Belief

April 15+2, 2017

My friend’s family actually had some business in Manchester. My friend works as a missionary in Romania, sent by a church in Korea, and he has a friend who is a pastor in one of Korean churches in Manchester, so he gave a preach at his  friend’s church on Easter Sunday.

They went to two churches on Sunday, their son enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt, they had some Korean food at friend’s church.

He is a friend of mine from church that I had attended until my uni years in Korea. I used to be an active church girl until uni, but I realised that I didn’t believe in God, I was only going to church because my mum told me to. So I left church and didn’t look back since.

But this guy, he experienced God’s presence – from what he said – when he was 15, and since then he has been God’s son. 

We talked about God and Christianism during breakfast, the good thing is that I can freely talk about my own opinion and decision with them, whereas I will never be able to have this kind of conversation with my mum or my pastor brother without getting upset and being told I am wrong.

I still don’t know if God really exists, as I am a realistic person and only believe what I see and experience.

Well, I guess and hope, if the “Christian God” is really there and I was chosen to believe in him being born in my Christian family as my mum always tells me, he will do something to make me believe in him, won’t he?


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