Day #276, Airport

April 17+1, 2017

My friends left early this morning. I got up to prepare a lunchbox for them to have in a bus to London. 

Got back to sleep, slept until noon and got up to get ready for my trip to France for Maria’s funeral.

My flight to Paris is at 5pm at Manchester airport. I ve never been to MCR airport, so I meant to leave home at 1pm. 

I took 2 buses, got to the airport in no time.

I love airports. No matter whatever the reason of travelling, I love being at the airport. The scene, the smell, the noise, the atmosphere. Everything about the airports makes my heart pound. That’s why I worked at a café at the airport when I lived in Tasmania. Driving a bit more than others to commute everyday is nothing when you have such a joy to have your favourite sourrounding. I would work at the airport if I ever have a chance again one day.


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