Day #278, Couscous and Croissant

April 19+1, 2017

Chris made Couscous for his birthday.

His mum stopped by to give him birthday wishes shortly, we had Champagne before dinner. 

We talked about work, Thailand and Kimchi, and Chris’s mum asked me to come and make Kimchi next time I visit them. I think she is a pleasant but funnily sarcastic retired woman who is culturally open-minded.

I got up at 3:30 to leave home at 4am with Chris who started working at CDG from 5:30 this morning. 

It was freezing cold. I arrived at Paris Nord a few hours earlier than my Eurostar time, killed time at a Relay Café with a croissant and coffee. I nearly forgot how a croissant should taste and feel in the mouth. You can’t beat France for bread making. I wouldn’t buy croissant back in Manchester for a while now until I would accept low quality ones because I crave for it.


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