Day #284, More Money or More Sleep

April 25+1, 2017

Everything in life has price to pay.

When I first thought about working overtime by 2 hours a day, I thought I could easily use 2 hours of my free time for more work and more money, without affecting my personal life too much.

The reason why I thought like that was because I used to work over 12 hours a day in Korea and I still slept enough. Of course I didn’t have much life out of work that time, but being at work only 10 hours, shorter time to commute and less socialising than in Korea would make it totally doable and I would even have some time for cooking.

Now I ve been doing this for 2 weeks, and I still have a habit of cooking in the morning, and that make my skeeping time less than 6 hours a day! 

Well, I should do something about it.


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