Day #286, Bibimbap vs Sandwich

April 27+1, 2017

Bibimbap is simply amazing.

Whatever leftover you have in the fridge to finish up, throw them on a pan, fry an egg and mix with cooked rice that’s always ready in a rice cooker. Ah, don’t forget a big spoonful of Gochujang and some flavourful sesame oil. 

Super healthy and extremely tasty dish ready in 5 minutes.

When a non-Korean who doesn’t know anything about Korea asks what Bibimbap is, I always tell them it’s Korean Sandwich. 

Rice in place of bread, Gochujang and sesame oil for mayo and mustard, and all ingredients are optional and various depends on what you have in the fridge. As you put every ingredients in a bite when eating a sandwich, we mix Binimbap and try to have every ingredients on a soon.

They are both healthy and both can be upgraded with lots of fresh vegs if you want to make it healthier. Both look colourful amd incredibly delicious. 

They both can be very luxurious, not only with expensive ingredients but also the image and styling of the plate in a gorgeous ‘specialty’ restaurant.

The only difference is, a sandwich can be taken to anywhere in a tight zip bag wothout spilling, but Bibimbap is not easy to take away and was never considered as a picnic food.


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