Day #288, 289, Hangover

April 29+2, 2017

Booze, cheese, charcuterie, chocolate, chips… 

Well… I am not surprised that I had a serious hangover yesterday. I had headache, stomach pain, felt like throwing up and all that, but fortunately it wasn’t as serious as before so I took a painkiller and tried to sleep all day with a glass of water.

I had the most serious hangover experience twice in my whole life. Still, I remembered everything. 

The first one was when I had my first New Year’s Eve party in France at friends’ house, they prepared typical  French dinner with 3 different Fois Gras and Escargot, Creamy Chicken, Cheese, Assorted desserts with lots of Chantilly Cream. Plus many bottles of Champagne, wine and beer.

I had them all, and of course I got sick as someone who is lactose intolerent. I was ok until 2am as we danced and stuff, but when I got to aunt’s home (walking distance from friends’) to sleep, I started feeling real bad. I stayed in the toilet the whole night, and stayed in bed the whole day after getting back home, without eating anything.

The second time was when I was in La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium, travelling in a camper with my ex. It was a small town, and they had this famous Soup Festival when we were there. We tried every kind of soup, and that night I was really sick. 

After those two incidents, I realised that my body couldn’t handle too much food at once, let alone too much alcohol and too much fat. Now I am careful not to eat too much, I stop when I feel full.

But at the party last Saturday, it was too much of everything bad for me – fat, alcohol, dairy – even though I was being careful not to eat too much, I still got sick, but not as much as the last two serious times. 

I stayed the whole day in bed yesterday, and I had some granola with fresh fruit in oat milk this morning. Feeling refuelled and detoxicated.


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