Day #292, Talkative

May 3+1, 2017

Time flies when you are having a good time, ain’t it?

It’s already Thursday and I am going back to work on Sunday night, so I have got only 3 full days to do some physical work to finalise home decoration.

I am on a bus to the city at the moment, to get a few photos printed.

And, the woman at the back of me is talking on the phone very loudly, for about 10 minutes by now. She is sharing her personal life story with everyone in the bus. Very annoying. I should have known she would be like that when I saw her on the phone as soon as I got on the bus, and I should have gone upstairs instead of sitting right in front of her.

I don’t understand people talking about their life with someone on the phone, especially for hours. Maybe they do not have anyone to talk to in real life? Or they are just talkative?

I started thinking about it when I met lots of talkative people in France. I am not a psychologist nor did any study, so I am not sure I got it right, but I figured, that talkative people can’t stand the silence when being with others. They feel nervous when no one talks, so they talk about anything to break the silence, and most of the time the reason why they can’t stand the silence is because they are not confident with themselves. They are worried that others might think they are stupid  when not talking, so they try to show they know about life, about something, by talking about whatever comes up in their mind.

Well, please somebody tell me if I am wrong. I would like to understand.


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