Day #293, Irrational Generosity and Leftovers

May 4+1, 2017

I have been clearing up my fridge full of leftovers of charcuterie and cheese from the party last Saturday.

Although it’s my own fault of buying too much from the irrational habit of generosity, I still have the right to enjoy the food from leftovers!

I’ve had Chorizo and Smoked Cheese Sandwich, Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich, traditional Ham and Cheese Sandwich etc, now I am sick of sandwiches so I had to make something else.

Tonight I used up opened packs of Chorizo, Salami, Ham, Gouda and Camembert to make Tortilla Pizza. Simple and delicious!

I still have some chunks of cheese to be used up by someone who is lactose intolerant… well they will be eaten little by little on different dishes for the rest of May.

After 100g of cheese consumed, I feel very uncomfortable in the stomach, now I am drinking mint tea to help digest.


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