Day #295, 296, Being an Efficient Cook

May 6+2, 2017

My my…

I am getting lazy again on writing my diary!

My excuse is…

I was really busy for the last 2 days in painting home and cooking and preparing food for work in advance.

I enjoy every single process of cooking, from grocery shopping to plating, and I think the ‘preparation’ process takes more than half of the whole process of one dish. Meaning, washing, chopping, slicing, marinating ingredients. So I tend to do this process for a few dishes at once, like, washing and chopping vegs and  put them in a box in the fridge, slicing bagels and bread and freeze them, chopping vegs that I can freeze and put them in the freezer, make some sauce like curry and put it in a jar etc. Doing these in advance really helps reduce time of cooking, so I can cook something homemade and delicious real quick when I want it. I guess that’s what the kitchens in restaurants do, getting everything prepared upto the point of putting ingredients on the fire before serving time.

Well, I kind of think that I might end up opening a restaurant one day…


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