Day #297, Udon

May 8+1, 2017

I always have cold hands and feet unless I feel really hot. I have cold body in and out (speaking from Chinese Medicine point of view), so I naturally opt for hot drink and food rather than cold stuff.

But I still want to enjoy warm weather with light clothes when spring comes, and I always end up freezing to death at this time of the year! One never learns from mistakes, does it?

On the way home with chills this morning, I constantly thought of hot boiling Udon to warm up my numbed insides and icy cold hands, not a cup of tea as many others would in this country.

To me, hot tea only burns my mouth and the tiny sip of hot fluid never touches my stomach, at least that’s how I feel. But when you have hot broth, there is plenty of fluid and you can gulp it down when it’s less burning, and I can really feel it warms up my insides.

So, a very successful breakfast, it was.


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