Day #298, Psychology

May 9+1, 2017

I guess, maybe I am too interested in psychology.

When some people do something I don’t understand, I keep asking myself why they did it, to figure out what they had in mind.

There are some grownups who do stupid things, act like kids, and when I talked about it with someone one day, she said they may not have had any reason. They just don’t think, live their life without meaning, because they are just stupid.

But I think everything we do in life has a reason, big or small. If they are stupid, there must be a reason why they became stupid. Sometimes it’s  from their unfortunate childhood without much education, so maybe it’s none of my business if they are stupid because of their childhood history, but I guess people interact each other and we all influence one another in some way, and that’s why I encounter these people somewhere in my life therefore it became my business.

I guess we could do something if we know the reason of the stupidity?


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