Day #299, English National Dish vs French National Dish

May 10+1, 2017

I couldn’t leave this amazing pulled pork without a pic, so I made the typical Slider for my one and only – at least so far – pulled pork dish.

7 hours cooking + prep + pork pulling + arranging + plating times are totally worth it.

This will break my rule of not trying the same recipe twice, for sure.

I think English people can proudly say that the national English dish is Pulled Pork when people (especially French) make fun of English food.

I think, a national dish has to be something that reflects the culinary culture of the people of the country, which means, it should be commonly eaten, easily found anywhere and affordable by most people. Not something like Escargot in France, a super posh dish that you can find only in chic expensive French restaurants. For France, I would say Baguette and Croissant for the national food, but the Michelin Star chefs in France may not agree with me.

Many French people around me always made fun of English food, but I never agreed with them. French people are so proud of their culinary culture and they make fun of “Fish & Chips” of England, but ordinary French people eat overcooked pasta at home on ordinary days. Those proud national dishes are only made on special days at homes, or they just eat them in a chic restaurant.

So, I don’t get it when everyone makes fun of English dishes.


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