Day #301, Overnight Oats

May 12+1, 2017

It looks like the ‘Overnight Oats’ is trending these days, so I had to try.

I checked a few different recipes and chose the one with peanut butter.

Oats, peanut butter, maple syrup and oat milk were mixed and stayed in the fridge overnight, and I woke up without an alarm clock this morning, because I couldn’t wait to try this new stuff!

I took the soaked oats out and tried one little spoon without adding anything, and it was beyond expectation! I was worried it might be just bland and too soggy, but it wasn’t!

The texture is different from warm cooked oats, it’s more flavourful, and especially it feels so right to add fresh or frozen berries on top of it, whereas mixing cold berries in the warm oats never felt right to me.

The only thing is, I chose a big jar, so I ended up making 3 times more than my portion to fill it up for a good looking pic!

Now I finished this huge portion, I am feeling sleepy again…


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