Day #302, Jobs

May 13+1, 2017

I slept in the living room with music on the whole evening after I finished the 3 portion overnight oats. These oats must have been digested while sleeping, but I still didn’t feel hungry when I woke up sometime around midnight. Then I went back to sleep as I still felt sleepy and woke up again in the early morning when the sun rose.

Very irregular and unhealthy sleeping cycle.

I don’t know if this will affect my health in some way, even though I eat healthy and catch up on sleeping hours on weekends.

I think I just need to keep the strong immune system as I have been doing so far, and I really hope working at night won’t affect my health too much, because I don’t want to leave my night colleagues.

There was an internal job offer for sales advisor, so I asked if it’s possible to stay at night as sales advisor if I am taken, and the person who is responsible updated the offer for both day and night, so I applied for the job with the night option.

I think it’s a good opportunity to learn other stuff if successful, but I am still waiting for the reply from Marketing Dep. Even though I will need to leave my night colleagues if I get a job at Marketing, this job is more to my career and I really want to work at this dep.

It looks like Marketing dep is not in a hurry, as there is not even a deadline for application, so in the mean time, I might do Sales! Why not?


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