Day #304, Why?

May 15+1, 2017

I put my home on B&B website last weekend, with half price of the room at the previous flat.

I had a booking request from someone without any reviews today. She could be a newbie at this site. And she was asking me certain things about my place which are all clearly written on the description.

Yes, I know only 7% of the population read Ts&Cs, but come on,  you are going to stay at someone’s place, ready to pay the price, and not even reading what’s included and not? The home description is not Ts&Cs, it’s what you can expect for the price you pay, and usually you check those stuff before you actually spend money on it, no?

I really don’t understand people who do not prepare themselves before they spend their own money, and I am sure most of them end up having issues and complaints because what they expect and what’s offered are usually different.

I have lots of customers like that at work, and I almost had my first guest like that at my home. I declined her request.

Why don’t they prepare their travel? Why??


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