Day #305, Madeira Cake

May 16+1, 2017

Since I live in UK now, I feel like doing some traditional English cookings and bakings.

So I asked my manager who is English about his favourite bakes, and he said ‘Madeira Cake’.

I’ve never heard of such a thing before, and it sounded Portuguese, but I found that it was a traditional English cake after one click on Wikipedia.

The name came from Madeira wine, which was popular in 18th and 19th centuries in England and served with some kind of cake.

It is eaten with tea or liqueur these days, according to Wiki.

The recipe looked very simple and easy, so I just spent some time for it this morning. I made a small loaf and muffins with the same dough.

As every bakes with lots of butter, it smells amazing, and tastes great too – I did try one little muffin, couldn’t resist!

My manager will have it at work tonight, a reward for inspiring me.


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