lDay #307, Wild Garlic

May 18+1, 2017


I am so happy to be on Friday morning this week.

Not because I am super tired as every weekend, not because I want to sleep for another 30 hours (I will eventually, but not right away).

Because I’ve got a delivery from an online supermarket for ‘wild garlic’ this morning.

I saw a video post about food memories from @jamieoliver and he made this amazing looking Wild Garlic Focaccia with his mentor @gennarocontaldo.

That Focaccia looked great, but the stuff that got my attention instantly was those Wild Garlic leaves.

In Korea, we make pickle of it, as we do with sesame leaves (Kkaennip), in the liquid of soy sauce + vinegar and others, and this stuff is beyond description. That pickle is perrrrrrfect for any grilled meat and even just itself with steamed rice.

I could find it in the wild easily when I lived in Southern France, but I’ve never looked for it here in Manchester yet, so I googled it and it showed me a supermarket that sells fresh wild garlic! And of course I bought it straightaway.

Now, I need to washed them thoroughly for the best result.


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