Day #319, My Favourite Cities

May 30+1, 2017

As I said before, I am a city girl.

However, I wasn’t attracted to every single city that I’ve been to.

The city that I like is, I figured, the second biggest city in the country/island with the tramway and good coffee at privately owned cafés.

I don’t really like the capital/biggest cities of the country because their people are generally snobs and the size is too big so I feel lonely in the crowd.

And the tram, I think the cities with the tramway have certain old charm and they put an effort for our planet rather than only thinking about how to make wider roads to reduce traffic jam. 

And coffee, oh I really don’t think I have to tell the reason for this? Privately owned cafés are usually more environmentally friendly and use fair trade coffee, not like giant commercial café brands.

Overall, I guess I like the cities that do not focus on money and the fame only. Exactly same as people that I choose to like.

Manchester than London, Melbourne than Sydney, Lyon than Paris, San Francisco than NYC, Seville than Barcelona, Munich than Frankfurt, Antwerp than Brussels, Florence than Rome, Busan than Seoul… The list goes on.


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