Day #323, 324, The North

June 3+2, 2017

When it’s rainy here, it always reminds me of the typical talks of people “The Wet North”.

I think, in a way, this saying came from the south with a bit of jealousy.

You know, in the history of human kind, we always invented and/or developed things when necessary. 

As in up in the north, such as Scandinavian countries, they developed a life style to pass endless nights for half a year, for example Sweden gave a birth to a giant global furniture company IKEA. Because they needed to feel good indoor when it’s cold and dark outside, their furniture design got developed and here it is!

As for Manchester, I guess they developed indoor cultural venues and cafés, that’s why it’s so well-known for those stuff.

And talking about UK from the point of view of Southern Continental Europe, it’s also the Wet North, and that’s why we have the “pub culture” here that they do not have in the Mediterranean countries. Because it’s so sunny down there that they don’t need cozy indoor places much.

So, here up in the North, we have other stuff that they don’t have in the South, and maybe the Southerners feel jealous a bit.

Is it only my wishful illusion?


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