Day #325, Rain vs Me

June 5+1, 2017

From what I remember, I have never liked rain, since forever.

I guess the weather has certain power that affects people’s (at least my) mood. I am sure it was studied and can be explained how it works in our brain in technical terms.

The sun makes me feel gay, and the rain makes me moody. 

The temperature, the colour of the environment, the feeling on my skin, the sound of my surroundings, the smell of the air, it affects every sense of my body.

Once I tried to like “watching” rain. I thought I didn’t like getting wet, so I sat on a comfy couch in a cosy café with delicious coffee, tried to enjoy the rainy scenery through the window. I tried that many times, sometimes I was in those moments even when I didn’t plan it. Well…? It never worked! Watching rain with a cup of coffee made me even more moody.

Whatever I did, the rain hasn’t been a good friend of mine.


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