Day #327, Less Stock, More Cooking, Healthier

June 7+1, 2017

On the bus home after work, I usually think about my next lunch box.

This morning, I was thinking about a wrap or two for tonight, with the BBQ pork belly and Kimchi stuffing, and maybe some mozzarella too.

But then, I realised I didn’t have Tortilla in my pantry, so I decided to make homemade flatbread. First time. In my whole cooking life.

It was sooooo easy to make, healthy as you don’t put anything bad, and you don’t get stressed about finishing up the opened pack of Tortilla as you can control the amount of dough.

Why haven’t I thought about it before?? Because I always had everything in stock!

Now, I will try not to have everything in my pantry, so that I end up making more myself.


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