Day #329, How To Stay Healthy and Beautiful

June 9+1, 2017

Sometimes I am stunned by how much my life depends on the basic instinct and needs.

I use my weekends to recharge myself with good food and lots of sleep, and when I can’t do it for certain reason, I get grumpy and become ill. 

Last weekend, I went out for a movie with some friends, therefore I couldn’t sleep until my body told me to wake up. I woke up with an alarm clock. And I had this huge box of Nachos with this fake runny American cheese (God knows what’s in it). It was indeed delicious no matter how bad it was for health, I thought I could enjoy these junk food once in a while, so I let myself! 

Then the following day when I woke up, I could see lots of pimples on my face! Urgh…. 

I wonder how I could live on less than 6 hours sleep + drink + no home food + junk food + no rest on weekends when I was younger. I didn’t become ill often, and I still had beautiful skins.

Is that just the age? Really??


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