Day #336, OCD vs Mysophobia

June 16+1, 2017

I guess I am a housework freak.

Or maybe just simply call it OCD or mysophobic.

I thought I wasn’t that bad as the husband of Julia Roberts in Sleeping With The Enemy. Because I don’t get stressed when the cans and jars are not facing front in my cupboard. (When I think of it now though, I felt thrilled rather than horrified when I saw that in the movie. I kind of thought I would like to arrange my stuff that way in my home.)

But I don’t have to do it every single day. I don’t check if they are in order every songle day. I didn’t give my ex hard time because the jars were not facing front. But I did when he was using hand towels to dry plates…

I like it when things are in nice physical order, such as books arranged by height on my bookshelf.  But it doesn’t give me negative stress when they are not arranged that way.

But I hate it and get stressed when dirty plates are left in the sink and laundry basket is overfilled. I get stressed when I see dirt in the house. So, I spend most of my time home cleaning, washing and wiping. 

So, I guess I am more obsessed with cleanliness. I am scared of bacteria. And that’s why I can’t share a house with a housemate, nor a pet.

I looked up the term for something like what I have, and it’s called Mysophobia.

Is it bad? Should I see a doctor?


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