Day #337, The Hottest Day of The Year

June 17+1, 2017

Possibly hottest day of the year in Manchester today. 

I went to bed early in the morning when the sun was just about to rise, but this supa dupa sunshine woke my body up only after 5 hours sleep!

After a glance of outside through my window, I couldn’t resist the urge for being outside, even though it would be only in my backyard.

I could go out for a walk to a nearest park, but I’m feeling too lazy, and my backyard is as lush, plus I could stay barefoot in my garden.

I set up my breakfast nicely, feeling really good. I guess everyone is in a good mood today thanks to the weather, and also it’s the happy Father’s Day in UK.

I can hear kids’ screaming playing with water in their garden from next door. 

I really hope this weather stays fir a while.


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